A new recrew ! #2

27 August 2015
Our team keeps strengthening with the arrival of a young geek. Even if he spends even more time at playing than study his student courses, he still manages to get good results :

Kevin, Games Integrator on Party Matching

Kevin can’t count the hours spent on League of legend anymore, Neverwinter, Tera, Guildwars I & II, The secret World, Counter Strike, GTA serie, etc …

He is perfectly acknowledged about what players who play online can expect of Party Matching and so, he is going to help us to integrate a maximum of games with up-to-date informations corresponding to every game’s specificities.

Actually, we can’t create an event on League of legend the same way we do on Neverwinter …

Usually, we list here a few games played by our new recruit, but it would be far too big 😉 !