Party Martching unveils itself … a little bit ! #1

18 August 2015

A features hub

You’ll find many new things on Party Matching. And aside from the classic services related to the online gaming world, you’ll also have access to classic features of a social network, one in association with the MMO’s world.

A user interface for gamers

That’s why we were especially cautious about the design and the ergonomics of our application. So that it could have a new face, while retaining the strong points you’re used to.

The new layout is sufficient, easy on the eyes and intuitive. I hope these previews will convince you!

Your games management

You can add to your account all the multiplayer video games you own and find other players to build events with.

The video games is the central part of our application, it allows you to access all the other features that we will unveil soon !