A new recrew #3

Few weeks until the release, a new recrew joins the team. Cyril is in charge of games formulars creation and integration. Who will be better than a skilled gamer to understand what gamers are looking for.

A new recrew ! #2

The official release of PartyMatching will take place in exactly 1 month from now, which means it is time to add a maximum of games to the app.
What’s best than a young geek, who is still a student to fulfill this task ? It is therefore very naturally that Kevin, 17 years old, has been hired. Player on many MMOs of every kind (FPS, RPG, MOBA, etc) he is in charge to allow Party Matching to suggest and adapt the interface to your favorite games.

A new recrew ! #1

The official release of Party-Matching will soon be here and we wish to give you an app that will meet all your requirements. That’s why we just recruited a new member, Jin Ji. Finally some feminity in the team! Jin is in charge of the front side of the website and is more than qualified for this task .

The Party Matching team is growing !

To be able to launch the app on the 15th of september, with as much features as we can and an impeccable design, Stéphane (a truly efficient and full of ideas webdesigner) and Benjamin (web developer as strong in proposals as in muscles) have joined our team! Did you know that besides their abilities they’re passionate about video games ?