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A new logo for Party Matching

20 May 2015

To choose a logo is not easy !

It has to be recognizable regardless of the size, coherent with the product as much on the graphic charter as on the message that it is sending. It has to resist to the web latest fads and in the end, to be appreciated by everyone (did you already tried?). After a lot of proposals with different colours, fonts, shapes, styles, with a different numbers of shields etc, we kept six proposals and subjected them to the vote !

A proposal was retained

For me, this logo is matching with the message that the team wanted to send.

  • Two shields to represent the community aspect,
  • A readable font which doesn’t refers to a particular game type (Party Matching can be used for all your MMOs : RPG, FPS, STR etc…).,
  • Soft and hard angles to associate all types of games,
  • Three colours and not much, for a good legibility,
  • A pleasant design in wide format and recognizable even in a small size.

I’m looking forward to see this logo on your phones or in your favourites !